LoRaWan Solutions

Our Company makes custom LoRaWAN products for any Industrial automation in cost effective way. Some examples are below

We also help companies deploy complete LoRaWAN communication system using own gateways, that would save lot of money when compared to using external services for connectivity who charge by the month per device.

  1. Retrofit metering solution for Water and Electricity department that can operate in semi automated mode or fully automated mode with gateways.
  2. Agriculture solutions that need soil moisture sensors, water level meters, remote controlling equipment that is out of range for WiFi with at least 1Km coverage radius.
  3. Connectivity to Highway messaging boards to alert drivers.
  4. Automated parking info system that would save time for the drivers finding spot in a multilevel parking area. Each parking spot is monitored by a sensor and a Led sign board shows how many available spots on the next lane before approaching the lane.
  5. Public parking management system that can show where the available parking spots are, as well as billing for parking time.